Gladue Report Standards and Requirements:

  • The goal of a Gladue Report is to help the judge make an appropriate sentence or bail hearing decision by thinking about the fact you are an Indigenous person with unique background factors. 

  • A Gladue Report (with a practical plan), can increase public safety, reduce victimization, reduce re-offending and reduce the rates of Indigenous people in jails, as appropriate.

According to conventions identified by case law and best practices, Gladue Reports must be:

  1. Neutral;

  2. Unbiased;

  3. Objective;

  4. Accurate;

  5. Fully researched;

  6. Corroborated;

  7. An individual's story;

  8. Not used as an advocacy tool;

  9. Identify individual, family and Nation's strengths;

  10. Demonstrate the systemic & background factors relevant to the individual;

  11. Contextualize risk through the lense of colonization;

  12. Able to identify impacts of colonization to the individual, family, Nation;

  13. Able to identify the healing and restorative justice principles through the lense of the individual's Indigenous worldview, where possible;

  14. Demonstrate community based options and all available sanctions other than incarceration, as appropriate;

  15. Contain a practical healing & restorative justice plan.


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