List of Gladue Report Writers

To Accused Individuals, Family Members or Defence Counsel:

A number of Gladue Report Writers on the Legal Services Society Gladue Report Writers Roster, have consented for their contact information to be provided for those wishing to retain a Gladue Writer to prepare a Gladue Report. This is typically provided strictly for those individuals who do not qualify for legal aid and would still like to obtain a Gladue Report (where jail is the initial sentencing position of crown counsel/prosecution).  Prices vary and are subject to the Gladue Report Writer's discretion and availability. 

If you are an accused, a family member of an accused, or defence counsel for an accused, please email

Please include the following in your email request:

1. Full Name

2. Relationship to the accused 

3. If legal aid has been approved.

4. If legal aid has not been approved, please state if you are looking to retain a Gladue Report Writer.

5.  Location of accused (optional).


To Academic Researchers, Journalists, Students and the general public:

We are dedicated to helping provide information to you and thank you for your interest in Gladue Principles. We reserve the right to review all requests.  If you are a research entity, please include a backgrounder or synopsis of your research project, the funder, questions you intent to ask the Gladue Report Writers, and a consent form, for us to review. We will determine appropriate next steps, in collaboration with our Partners. 


Please be prepared for the possibility we may refer you onto Legal Services Society and/or the BC First Nations Justice Council where applicable. It is beneficial to work with Legal Services Society and/or the BC FNJC, where you intend to carry out research and interview writers, or Indigenous Leadership/Community members, as there are specific guidelines and protocols that may need to be followed.  

Please allow 24-48 hours for us to complete a review. 

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