What we do.
We systematically implement Gladue Principles in British Columbia's criminal justice system.

We want to see an increase in Indigenous autonomy and capacity building, in the area of Justice for both Indigenous leadership and communities as a whole.  Our primary aim is to work with partners to ensure there is a permanent Gladue program capable of meeting the demand in BC.  
We do things differently.

To maintain a standard of quality and consistency, we bring critical expertise in relation to Gladue Principles, at all stages of the criminal justice system.  We practice a proven methodology to fairly apply Gladue Principles at the pre-charge stage, at Sentencing, Bail, and within the Corrections Service Canada framework (eg. Parole Board hearings).  
We are an independent body.  

We remain BC's only representative body for Gladue Writers.  We are a volunteer non-profit society.  Our innovative solutions and quest for change have positioned us at the forefront of British Columbia’s criminal justice system.

Why was the GWSBC established?

Our goal is to systematically reduce the disproportionate number of First Nations, Métis and Inuit people incarcerated and increase the use of in-community options, where it is practicable, using restorative justice options and incorporating Indigenous legal traditions into Gladue Reports, in order to determine appropriate outcomes.

The GWSBC was established to build a powerful network of Gladue Writers in their unique role assisting the judiciary to consider the unique systemic or background factors of Indigenous offenders, which may have played a role in bringing them before the court, and the Aboriginal Perspectives stemming from the Nation/Community in relation to the sentencing.  We work collaboratively the Attorney General (BC) and PSSG, and institutions.


To Promote the use of Gladue Principles across the criminal justice system.


  • ASSIST The Judiciary To Fulfill Their Statutory Duties.

We assist the judiciary in the administration of justice.  Gladue Writers support judges in excercising their statutory duty to consider a client’s unique systemic or background factors AND consider all possible sanctions and alternatives other than incarceration that are reasonable in an offender’s case (s.718.2(e) of the Canadian Criminal Code, R v Gladue, R v Wells, R v Ipelee).


  • REDUCE Disproportionate Numbers. 

We strive to reduce the disproportionate number of Aboriginal men and women in provincial and federal correctional facilities.


  • SUPPORT The Application Of Gladue Principles.

We support Defence Counsel, Duty Counsel, Native Court Workers and Aboriginal Restorative Justice Workers, to effectively apply Gladue Principles on behalf of Aboriginal offenders.


  • SUPPORT Aboriginal Communities. 

Aboriginal Communities can and should have a say about their Members going before a judge. We support you to incorporate meaningful and lasting Aboriginal traditional restorative justice principles and practices into the Gladue Report and shape sentencing, bail, parole etc outcomes.


  • IDENTIFY Qualified Gladue Writers. 

We help Aboriginal offenders and Defence Counsel to identify qualified Gladue Writers who can produce full Gladue Reports.


  • PUBLISH Best Practices. 

We publish regular resources in respect of Gladue Report Writing and Implementation of Best Practices.

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